Our Story Begins...

As a young girl from the Midwest, Michelle Bain was fascinated with books. Like many in her generation, her bookshelf and toy chest were filled with Disney, Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein and A.A. Milne. With a book always in tow, she spent many sunny afternoons in her grandmother’s art studio which incubated her vast imagination.

Michelle began her creative story writing and “self-publishing” in her grandparents’ basement at the age of eight, crafting books out of spiral notebook paper, wrapping paper and yarn.

Over the years her sensibility developed for what kids, teens and adults responded to, both from the written work and visual image. In 2002 Michelle penned her first book featuring a character that embodied all the things she loved from her childhood. The Adventures of Thumbs Up Johnnie was born, as well as her own self-created company Pixie Stuff Publishing.

From Pixie Stuff Publishing®, Michelle created Where’s It @? Media® to serve her teen and adult audience, and has now expanded to Hired Ink®. 

How Your Story Begins...

Do you cringe at clip art? Tired of the tri-fold brochure? Looking for a respectful and clever way to convey a message to an audience? 

Hired Ink is here to help. We are a full-service publishing and multimedia company that speaks to your target audience from toddlers to octogenarians. Using a variety of custom product options, we will partner with you to build a program that most effectively brings your message to your audience. Hired Ink makes your message memorable.

If you’re not sure where to start, we can help. Whatever you need, we guarantee it won’t be “ho-hum” or “the same old thing.”

Product Options

  • Books
  • Animation
  • Websites
  • Audio
  • Apps
  • Newsletters
  • Lyrics

Our job isn’t necessarily done at the end of product creation. If you need additional support, we provide several value-added services. We take these distractions off your desk, allowing you to focus on your job.

Value Added Services

  • Create supporting collateral (mascot, plush toys, posters, water bottles, bags, bookmarks, coloring and other activity pages)

  • Translate products into other languages

  • Implement a powerful, workable marketing plan

  • Plan events to promote your programs: author visits, book signings, school and community events

  • Provide printing services on recycled paper, proudly made in the USA

  • Manage the entire publishing process

  • Arrange product distribution

Don’t see what you need on our list? Just ask us